The rise on the number of digital nomads over the years paved way for people to be able to work while they are on the road. So long as you have an internet, a charging outlet, and your laptop with you, it’s as if you are in the office working with the rest of your team.  It also pays off to get an insurance premium coverage for your gadgets.

However, most people encounter problems with their electronic gadgets when they travel. That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of your things while you are traveling to avoid problems in the future.


Take Care of Your Charger

This is one of the common problems when traveling because the cover of your chargers can be quite fragile. You can buy a polyester loops to protect your chargers to avoid these problems using online shopping offers and coupons. It essentially protects your chargers from wear and tear making its life longer.

Charge when there’s an outlet

We can’t stress this enough. Don’t let your gadget’s battery to go lower than 20%. This is good for your battery life later on. So when you see an outlet and you can plug in, do so. This way, you can work longer, and you can use your battery when you are away from an outlet.


Always Be Ready with a universal outlet

Buy a traveler adapter so you are prepared. Other countries have different plugs and it’s sometimes hard to keep track what kind of plugs do they have.  Use a promo code free shipping no minimum to avail more discounts. To avoid surprises, just buy a universal adapter that can be used anywhere.

Have a zip lock big enough for your gadgets

This is especially true when you are traveling in humid areas or if you have to take a boat. Water is the enemy of your gadget so make sure to wrap them up nicely when you are near body of water to avoid inconveniences in the future.

Don’t work under the sun

Your computers are not meant to be under the sun for a long time. Especially in humid countries, if might cause some water to form creating a short circuit in your motherboard. This is a common problem to those who travel to tropical countries so always remember this advice.

7 Comments to “How to Take Care of Your Laptop and Gadget when Traveling”

  1. Danny Author

    I agree with you. Charge when you can. As a seasoned traveler, I always work on my laptop and whenever I see an outlet, I sit next to it because you’ll never know when you’ll get the chance to charge again. Don’t ignore your gadget’s battery or you’re the one who’ll suffer.

  2. Henry Author

    I bought my universal adaptor online and it’s as important as my passport. Can’t leave without it. It’s helpful for me since I travel across continents and sometimes, I lose track what type of sockets do they have. But with this, I am always assured that I won’t go low battery.

  3. Chad Author

    Yes, I had the experience when my motherboard was fried because of water due to humidity. That’s when I learned my lesson to not work outside if it’s hot because it can damage my laptop. It costed me hundreds of dollars for the repair so it’s a very expensive mistake.


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