We pride ourselves as one with the most options available when it comes to computers and computer parts. Below are the summary of the things that we offer currently. Browse at each page to find what you are looking for. If you can’t find what you need, you can shoot us an email for a possibility of sourcing in our suppliers.

Whatever computer related needs you have, we’re here for you.

There are a lot of places where you can get computers and parts nowadays but it’s hard to find a place you can trust. Someone who will give you options just to sell products, but because they genuine want to help you out with your issues. And that’s our specialty.


Our Team of Computer Nerds

Yes, we are computer nerds. We know your computers inside and out. That’s why we can give the best advice when it comes to your computer needs. We will not sell you the most expensive for the sake of it. We will suggest to you what you actually need. We don’t do trial and error. We will find the solution to your problems so it won’t come up over and over again.


We Are Fast

We believe in efficiency. If you need something now, you will receive an update immediately when you will get it. We don’t like the waiting game so you are assured that everything will be done immediately. Even our delivery promise, we partnered with the best courier to deliver items on time.

We Have Options

We don’t carry specific brands. We cater to a lot of brands giving our customers a lot of options. We have competitive pricing to help each customer get what they need in the price that they can afford. In this way, you can easily make comparison before you make a choice. Our staff will be helpful in explaining the pros and cons of each as they don’t have specific brands to sell unlike in other stores.

Return Policy

Our return policy is simple, if it’s broken we replace it, if you decided to change your mind, you can exchange the product so long as it’s still intact, and there’s no visible damage. It’s convenient and easy to file. Our customer service staff will guide you through the process.

Competitive Prices

We offer a lot of special discounts when you shop online such as the aliexpress coupon code. Take advantage of these offers because you can get your favourite computer accessories in a cheap price with us. Save money on electronics by using our voucher codes when you place your orders.

Also, we have the lowest price even without the discount code and how to use it as compared to our competitors. You can check it yourselves. And if you found something that is more expensive that the others, then we price match. We are confident in our systems that’s why we offer all of these things to you.

Our Customers, Our Friends

We consider all our customers as part of our growing family. We continuously give them promotions so they keep on coming back. We also send out our monthly newsletter with discount codes that they can use to buy our products such as groupon promo code.

Also, they are the first to know whenever we have an event where you can save a lot of money. You patronize our business, we’ll take care of you even after you’re done doing business with us.

So what are you waiting for, choose now from our array of computer products that suit your needs.

Our clients say

" I just want to say thank you to Michael who went beyond his job to help me with my concerns. He was really patient with me despite me having the same questions over and over again. Thank you for fixing my computer! You guys are the best in helping people like me!"
Julia Morrison
"Your products have the best range and I love the extension on the warranty you gave me. I really appreciate it. I hope that you can also give me some freebies next time especially I order a lot since I love to hoard your cute computer accessories that you put on sale."
Shonda Garner
"Your prizes are amazingly cheaper than most online sites! I was surprised. And even if you prize match, with your discount coupons, they’re still cheaper as compared to others! I hope you will have more mobile phone options soon so I can upgrade mine using your vouchers!"
Jack Nicholas
"You have some crazy sale events! I saved around 100$ just because of discounts. To top it off, I have more than 150$ vouchers because of everything I bought from your store. You weren’t lying when you said that we’ll save a lot of money when we buy in your shop."
Bradley Thompson
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