Gone were the days when the gadget you bought will last a life time. Now, it’s common to change computers, laptops, and mobile phones every two years because of several issues. But as users, we can do several things to extend the life of our electronics so they can last a long time.


The Battery is Important

One of the best way to extend your gadget’s life is to take care of its battery health. Ideally, you should keep your battery between 30% to 80%. As much as possible, do not drain your battery life to zero. This is the common issue of gadgets nowadays. Their battery life is almost useless. To avoid this, always charge when you can and always have a powerbank with you especially if you are using a premium service.

Get Warranty

Do not skip the additional payment for the extension of warranty. This is like a form of insurance. So you will not have to spend a lot when something bad happens to your gadget. Also, you can enjoy some freebies like free gadget check up and minor repair just like those from traffic for website reviews.

Invest on Good Casing and Screen Protector

batteryGood casing does not only protect your gadgets from scratches and dents, but also from shocks when you drop it. Also, your screen protector will protect your gadgets when you drop them from a height. This is a common problem to phones more than computers. Screen replacement nowadays cost a lot, sometimes almost 25% of the cost of the phone.  Always check online for cheap offers on the internet for some discounts and promos.

Be Sensitive When Your gadget is heating up

Some gadgets overheat easily. You can avoid this by having a cooling fan to help your gadget’s internal exhaust fan to cool your gadget. This is particularly helpful when you are not in an air conditioned area or when you are running memory intensive applications in your computer.


Stay Away from the Water

Water is the number one enemy of any gadget so if you see one, better stay away from it. Avoid eating on your desk where your computer is. And if you are on the beach, make sure that you are far from the water. In case you dropped your gadget in the water, do not turn it on and immediately dry it using rice before bringing it to the nearest repair station using express shipping promo code to save more.

5 Comments to “Tips to Extend your Electronic’s Use”

  1. Kellie Author

    Battery is important and I agree with the percentage. I read online that you should never drain your battery so whenever mine hit 20%, I turn it off instead of using it up to the last charge. I just try to find a place where I can recharge.

  2. Julius Author

    Salt water is the main enemy of any gadget. Once you drop it in salt water, consider it as a trash. That’s why I do wrap up my gadgets in plastic or zip lock whenever I travel by sea because even a tiny drop can ruin your gadget and I don’t want that.

  3. Thomas Author

    I used to think warranty is bull until I needed one. Fortunately, mine was still covered and I was able to have my laptop repaired for a small fee instead of paying almost a thousand. So if you’ll have to add few bucks to get longer warranty, I say, do it!

  4. Mary

    Cockroaches are the number one enemy of any electronic gadget. The acid from their saliva can corrode any metal and destroy anything it touches.

  5. Ray

    The most common way that we know is to always keep them used. If they are left there unused, they start to deteriorate.


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